Simple accounts for everybodySMARTLEDGER First Accounts     
The best accounting solution for any small business

You know how it is - you just want to keep track of your purchases and sales, issue invoices and statements, make VAT returns, and see if you are making a profit.

But, every accounting system you look at demands that you learn a new language
- debits and credits, journals, daybooks and ledgers, posting, etc.

You just want to concentrate on running your business, without having to learn accountant-speak.


With SMARTLEDGER First Accounts, you can concentrate on what you know best - your business.
No need to waste time learning obscure accounting terms.  SMARTLEDGER First Accounts takes 
care of all the book-keeping tasks so that you can forget about the mechanics of book-keeping  
and concentrate on what the accounts are telling you:

  • Who owes you money?
  • What suppliers need to be paid?
  • What funds do you have on-hand and in the bank?
  • Are you making a profit?
  • What are your major expense categories?
  • etc.

SMARTLEDGER First Accounts helps you to reduce the amount of time you spend entering data, allowing you to concentrate on using the information contained in your accounts:

You can download SMARTLEDGER First Accounts  and use it FREE of charge for 30 days.  Why not try it now - you'll be surprised at how easy small business accounting can be.

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP
System requirements for SMARTLEDGER First Accounts are fairly basic:
Windows 7, Vista, or XP - 25Mb of free disk space.
Linux with CrossOver or Wine installed - 25Mb of free disk space.
Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP

 No Jargon! No Debits!

 No Jargon! No Credits!

 No Jargon! No Journals!

 No Jargon! No Day Books!

 No Jargon! No Ledgers!

 No Jargon! No Posting!

 No Jargon! No Closing!

 No Jargon! No Jargon!

Just simple business accounting
Accounts for 49.99